Florida Tribal Dance Event

If you read the blog a few weeks ago you would have seen we were doing the stage set up for Florida Tribal Dances spring show “An Evening Of Tribal.” Well here is a couple of  pictures of the stage we did in April.

Lacey Sanchez Director of Florida Tribal Dance
Florida Tribal Dance
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Under the sea

We had another busy week last week at the flower shop. Usually our big events are on the weekends but last week we had a busy Wednesday. We went under the sea with Eric Karter and Florida Event Decor; think back to the future and the enchantment under the sea dance. Of course we didn’t have the Dolorean we had to use a delivery van, sure it would have been great for time travel but it didn’t have much storage room! Seriously though the event was a lot of fun and a great way to get over the mid week doldrums. Hopefully we will have some pictures up here soon to share with you all.

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