Meet Tiglet and Bagglins

We would like to introduce you to the newest members of the Flowers By Lesley family, Tiglet and Bagglins. They are kittens who are approximately 5 months old. How on earth did a flower shop end up with not one but two kittens you may be asking? It is not so long of a story. There are some stray cats the live around the shop and when one of them had kittens and decided she couldn’t take care of them rather than abandon them she chose to slip in the door and drop them off. Well, we have never been able to turn away an animal in need so it was off to Pet-co for kitten milk, cat litter, and all sorts of other supplies. We called our vet to come up with a plan of action and we had quite a few Google searches on care for infant abandoned kittens.

The plan was to get them healthy and find them a home. Sounded simple enough however, few things in life are as simple as they seem. They were quite poorly and needed a few rounds of different medications for different ailments and illnesses. There was a few times when we really were not sure if they were going to make it, they lost almost half their body weight in the last round of illness. We brought them home with us to make sure they ate and drank enough to keep up their energy. It was a very stressful and worrisome time for us and our families who like us had gotten quite attached.

Now they are nice and healthy with cute pudgy bellies, the thought of adopting them out to someone else is, well to be honest heart wrenching. After nursing them back to health and getting so deeply attached we could not bear to part with them. They may not help with centerpiece making or any wedding flowers for that matter but they are great company. They make the work day more fun they love to play in boxes and chase leaves and just love to be made a fuss of, and they love to make a fuss of us so we make quite the perfect family.



Tiglet checking out the new lamps.


Bagglins spying on Tiglet checking out the new lamps!
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Its August Already!

Well its the first week of August and we will be busy with some weddings for local brides and destination weddings. The weather report has us a little worried and we are really hoping that tropical storm Emily stays off shore so the weddings this weekend won’t be forced inside.

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