Beautiful Bride Bridal Show


         On May 19th at the Lake Buena Vista Palace we were one of many vendors that had the opportunity to participate in the Beautiful Bride Bridal Show. We met so many excited brides to be and we hope that we get to help them celebrate their big day. There were brides with all sorts of fantastic ideas that really got our creative gears turning! There were also brides that really didn’t know what they wanted for their weddings and were able to take home all sorts of ideas to think about; which is why these shows are such fantastic events to attend.        

            These shows allow brides who know exactly what they want to find the vendor that is just right for them. They also give brides who have not made up their minds yet the opportunity to see (and taste) the work of such talented vendors giving them many different ideas to select from or they may see one little thing that may inspire an entire theme for the wedding, the mercury glass vase that inspires an antique theme or perhaps the peacock feather that inspires a color pallet of teals and deep purple.

            So if you missed this show be sure to check out the next one and look for Flowers by Lesley come by and chat with us, we love meeting people who are as excited as us about weddings!

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